Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm Country

Yesterday we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point so they could see the animals. The weather was pretty good, finally, except for some wind that would come and go. Canyon's favorite part was riding the horses by far. He was so funny, he was nervous and excited all at the same time and kept doing the funniest nervous laugh.
Natalie, William & Katelyn are leaving us today to go back to Seattle and we will miss them and all the fun we've had while they were here! Hopefully we can continue to find fun things to do to keep Canyon busy!


Melissa and Kimball said...

Looks fun! Your family is darling! I have totally dropped off the planet and had no idea you even had Savanna yet until I saw her at church yesterday. She is beautiful! Congrats.

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

lol ah he is so cute! ps: you look great for just having a baby! I swear being a kid is alot better than being a grownup! love you guys!