Friday, April 3, 2009

Canyon's best friends

These are Canyon's new best friends... and my lifesaver!! We went to the Bean Museum with my Mom on Monday and while we were there we found these wonderful little plastic animals. They cost me $7 but they were well worth it. We've already lost a few so I will probably be making a trip to walmart or some other store to try and hunt some more down soon. Canyon has played with these all day long every day this week. He throws a tantrum before his nap time and bed time because he doesn't want to sleep, he just wants to play with his animals. They keep him occupied all day long and leave me free to care for Savanna. He is so cute with them too. I would probably have to say this is one of the best investments I've ever made. :)

This is Canyon giving his animals showers and baths.

And here the animals are all lined up watching him eat his dinner.


Nicole said...

haha how cute! i'm glad he made some new friends!

Cottam Family said...

That's cute! You've gotta love those tantrums. I'd be searching all over the place too for those animals!

Sarah Jayne said...

That's so funny! You never know which silly toys kids will pick to be favorites! Jonah fell in love with this tiny little stuffed dog from a Happy Meal at McDonald's and HAD to have it everywhere he went...why do I even pay for real toys??