Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dino Day

Yesterday we got to go to Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Canyon has been waiting for this day for months now and he loved every second of it. We made a chain at the beginning of the Summer and planned that we could take a weekend trip to Dinosaur Land in Vernal in August some time. When it got closer to August we decided that it might be better to go to the new Ogden Dinosaur Park instead so that we wouldn't have to drive so far. It was an awesome park and it was lots of fun!
After the Dinosaur Museum we went to another Museum in Ogden called the Treehouse Museum. I found in on the internet when I was looking up things to do in Ogden and it looked like a really fun place to take kids. The museum is entirely interactive and the kids loved it. It was like a giant playground. The only problem was that little did we know we decided to go on the one day a year that its free admission so it was crazy busy. It was still fun though and we even got to see a magic show while we were there.
After the Treehouse Museum we went to my Bestest Friend Nikki's house and went out to dinner with them. It was a great day and we are exhausted today! :)

Canyon With his Dinosaur Land count down chain

Canyon even got to meet and talk to a real Palentologist at the museum.

Daddy, Savanna & Canyon in front of the Triceratops.

Canyon, Savanna & Mommy

Canyon & Savanna riding on a Dinosaur

Daddy teaching the kids how to milk a cow at the Treehouse Museum.

Canyon with the Magicial after the Magic Show.

Savanna playing in the Music Room

Savanna riding on a horse at the Treehouse Museum.


We went to Grandpas house for haircuts a few nights ago and while we wer waiting for Grandpa to get home from his meetings Scott shaved Canyon's hair into a Mohawk. :)

We waited a while for Grandpa to get home and eventually left because it was getting late and he wasn't home yet. Canyon got to sport the Mohawk for a few days.

My name is Savanna and I'm a Fish

This little girl LOVES water. Her first word besides "mama" and "dada" was water. Actually it's more lie "Otah" but we all know what she means. She is always the first one in the sprinklers and she climbs in empty bathtubs and showers because she knows that water should be there. She doesn't care if its warm or cool outside, if she sees water she is there. Her favorite treat is ice. She stands at the freezer holding her cup and yells "ice, ice!". She loves to chew on it and even though she looks like she is freezing cold and in excruciating pain, once its in her mouth you are not getting it out. :)

We love our little Fishy. :)