Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

This weekend my mom and I made two fun things for Savanna's birthday parties this week. On Friday night we made a tutu, which turned out to be soooo incredibly easy! It was fun workin on it with my mom; she cut all the strips of tulle for me and I tied them onto the waistband. We tried it on Savanna when we were all done and of course she just got mad at it because it keeps getting in her way. Oh well, she can wear it for a few pics, right? :)
On Saturday we went to Target and bought a package of white onsies and we made a cute cupcak onesie for her to wear at her parties with her tutu! It was pretty easy too and so fun to make. I am definitley planning on doing more iron-on appliques in the near future!Check out our finished products! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elder Brigham William Facer

Yesterday, Gary & Susan dropped Brigham off at the MTC. He is embarking on his mission to Cuernavaca Mexico and we are so proud of him! He has been looking forward anxiously to this for a long time and he is finally on his way. This weekend was really fun, it was full of family and friends at the Facers saying there last goodbyes for the next 2 years. When Brig returns Savanna will be Canyons age and Canyon will be almost 5! A lot will have changed. He did an amazing job on his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and we all know that he will be an awesome missionary. Farewell Elder Facer!!

(Thanks to Canyon... this picture is as good as it was going to get!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today was a perfect day. First, I didn't have to go to work because my babysitter was sick so I got to spend my Birthday with my kiddos! Canyon was very well behaved today and he even went down for his nap the first time I asked and with out throwing a fit! After the kids woke up from naps we met my mom and Shelly at Chick-fil-a for lunch. Then we got to go to the Dinosaur Museum by the BYU stadium. It was our third try and we finally got in! They are only open Mon - Fri from 8:00 - 5:00 so every other time we tried they were closed of course! Canyon loved it and we went through it 3 times.

After that we came home and played outside in the beautiful weather for a little while. Savanna was so cute and curious about the grass and everything else outside. Scott got home around 4:00 and he brought with him my very favorite cupcakes!!

We ate Chicken Alfredo for dinner and it was soooo yummy! Scott folded all the clothes for me too after I did laundry today!
Later my family came over and gave me a really cute cupcake stand and a couple cookbooks, yay!! After that we went to the Facers for Birthday cake and ice cream.
It was a PERFECT day! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hey everyone!! Be sure to go to my Vinyl Decor blog and leave a comment on the Free Giveaway post to be entered into the drawing! Good luck everyone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Canyon's Busy Day

Today, Canyon did a lot of things. He spent the day at Kathy's house where he bit Savannas tummy. After I came home from work we went to the Bean Museum and Canyon got to touch a snake. He was even brave enough to let her put it around his neck! After that we went to the Creamery and he got to meet Jimmer Ferdette. He was so funny, he walked right up to him, shook his hand and introduced himself. It was so cute!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canyon's First Dentist Appointment

Monday I took Canyon to the dentist office for his first appointment ever. I had my appointment first so I had him sit on the chair by my feet and that lasted about 2 minutes. He is quite the jabber box and he talked the hygenists ear off the whole time. For those of you who know Canyon he can’t sit still when he talks so he was doing circles around us most of the time as he talked about dinosaurs and South America and Timpanogos Mountain. He was so funny! He ended up standing right next to her as she was cleaning my mouth and wanted to know exactly what she was doing and my mommy’s mouth was bleeding. After that I didn’t know if he would be ok to have them look in his mouth but we assured him that only mommy’s mouths bleed. When it was time for his appointment he laid down on top of me and she gave us a ride in the chair up and down. Then she had him open his mouth and he showed her his sharp T-Rex teeth. She cleaned his teeth and he laughed because it tickled. After that he got to go to the treasure box and pick a “treasure” or a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a toy in it. He especially liked the view at Dr. Adamsons office because we got to look out the window and see Timpanogos Mountain and that is Daddy’s favorite mountain. Canyon was so brave and we are so proud of him!!