Thursday, March 14, 2013

Avery's Newborn Pics

My friend Shaylee Burr took Avery's newborn pictures and I absolutely love them.  They couldn't have turned out any more adorable.  :)  I'm obsessed.

Avery's Blessing Day

Our sweet Avery was given a name and a blessing by her father on Sunday, March 3, 2013.  She did so good, no crying or anything!  :)  We had such a great day filled with family, friends and food.  It was great to have so much support from everyone.

8 Weeks Old Already...

Can you believe it's been 8 weeks today since this cute girl joined our family???  Oh ya, did I forget to mention that I had my baby?  :)  I'm a little behind in the blogging world but that may be because of all the fun, excitement and scares we've experienced since our little Avery came into this world.  I guess a good place to start would be the beginning.

Avery Facer was born on January 17th, 2013 at 6:20pm weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long.  Our little runt.  :)  I couldn't have asked or been blessed with an easier delivery and recovery.  She was perfect and had no problems either.  We got to the hospital for my scheduled induction on my due date at 11:00 and I got my epidural fairly soon after and was able to relax the entire time until she came.  It was such a great experience and so fun having the kids come to see her for the first time.  We had lots of visitors and everyone at Orem Community Hospital was amazing.

When Avery was born we noticed right away that she was tongue tied but didn't really think too much of it.  You can kind of tell in the above picture.  After a few days of painful nursing I spoke to a lactation specialist and she mentioned that her being tongue tied most likely had something to do with it and we should probably look into getting it fixed.  So, when the poor child was just one week old we ended up at the pediatricians office where we had to pin her down and hold her head so they could cut the part where her tongue was connected below.  It was horrible and she screamed the entire time.  She didn't have any problems after that but what a way to start off life.  :(
Avery's brother and sister had been sick since before she was born and I just knew that there was nothing we could do and that she was bound to get it sooner or later.  Her third week of life it happened just like that.  She started getting really stuffy and we spent the weekend suctioning her out with the rubber bulb.  On Monday afternoon I checked her temperature and she was 100.4 on the dot which is the temp you are supposed to watch for in infants that mean you really need to get them checked out.  So I called the pediatricians office and they had me come in right away.  When we got to the appointment they checked her and her temp was fine and her oxygen level and heart rate checked out too.  They did notice she was quite stuffy though so they gave us an order for the suction clinic at the hospital so we could go get her sucked out as many times as we felt necessary.  The doctor said it looked to be RSV and so they had me make a followup appointment for the next day so they could monitor how she was doing.
Tuesday afternoon rolled around and we went to her followup appointment.  They checked her vitals and this time her oxygen level was low and wasn't going above 86.  When Dr. Ashby came in she took one look at her and said if I don't admit her to the hospital I will go home tonight and worry about her all night.  So, that being said we went directly next door to the hospital.  Once we arrived at the hospital and got settled in our room they proceeded to hook her up to an IV to get her re-hydrated.  It took about an hour and a half to get an IV in her and 5 tries.  Every time they would get it in she was so dry that the blood would clot right up.  They ended up getting it in her head.  It was horrible and at one point during her screaming she sort of passed out and they had to rush to get oxygen on her right away.

Later that evening Scott was able to give here a blessing with the help of a member from our ward who happened to be at the hospital.  We also had a few visitors which was nice too.  After Scott had gone home with Canyon that night Avery started going down hill pretty fast.  They had her on a high flow oxygen and had to keep bumping up the oxygen amount.  Eventually they decided she needed to be transferred to Utah Valley Hospital.  While the team was on their way to pick her up from Provo they drew some blood and decided that they should probably bypass Utah Valley Hospital and just send her to Primary Children's who has more resources.  They called up there and were notified that they were on their way but could not come via helicopter because of how much fog there was that night.  About an hour later the life flight team from Primary Children's arrived via ambulance and I got to ride with them up to Primary Children's.  I was actually very grateful she wasn't life flighted up there because I can't even imagine what it would have been like to watch my 3 week old baby take off in the helicopter with me left standing on the ground below.  It was hard enough going in an ambulance even though I was there the whole time.

It was a very long night but once we got up to Primary Children's we stayed in the PICU the whole next day but she was doing so well we got to move up to the Pediatric floor that evening.  The next couple days up there we experimented taking her off the oxygen and putting her back on to see how she would do and finally on Friday they were able to send up home with oxygen but we didn't care.  We were just glad she was doing well enough to go home.  

After she was home she was on the oxygen for about a week and then we gladly were able to ditch the tank.  :)  She got better so fast and we're so grateful.  We know that it was due to all of the prayers everyone said on her behalf and we can't thank everyone enough.  We are so grateful for this sweet baby girl and are so blessed to have her in our family and a part of our lives.  She is the cutest little thing and there is definitely no shortage of love for her here in our home.  :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas... and the waiting game

We had an amazing Christmas this year.  We have been blessed so much in our lives and it was magnified for than ever this Christmas.  We were prepared to have a modest little Christmas with having lots of baby things that we still needed to buy and ended up being spoiled and feeling so loved because of some angels that very generously left presents for us on our porch.  It was a wonderful Christmas and such a great experience for us and our children.

The last couple of weeks we have been patiently playing the waiting game ready for our little Avery to arrive.  I went to the doctor yesterday expecting great news but of course that wasn't the case.  I go back next Monday and he said we can schedule my induction for the 17th unless I happen to have this baby on my own before then.  I'm trying to be patient and hopeful but at the same time I like plans and I've been induced with both of the other ones so that's our plan for now.

Scott started back at BYU yesterday after 6 years off and we are very excited and proud of him.  It's going to be an adjustment for all since we won't be seeing him as often as we're used to but we are glad that he is back in school and working towards his career.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The last couple months...

November thru April marks our busiest half of the year.  All of our birthdays and the major holidays fall in this time period.  I love the busyness of it and also love that May - October I can relax for the most part.  :)
November 3rd was Scott's birthday.  He turned 28!  So crazy!  What this really means though is that I'm turning 28 right around the corner...  Scott is such a hard worker and does so much for our family.  The kids and I love him so much and couldn't have asked for a better husband/father.
This week I am officially 36 weeks pregnant and bigger and more uncomfortable than ever!  This pregnancy has been extra hard on my body and I'm not really sure why.  I feel like an old woman all the time and I can hardly hobble around anymore.  I can't wait for this sweet baby girl to decide to make her debut!  I'm hoping she comes early, which is not likely if she follows after her other siblings.  A girl can dream though, right?
On December 16th Scott and I celebrated our 7year anniversary, crazy!  I can't believe how fast 7 years goes by.  It's been crazy and full of ups and downs but it's been wonderful.  My parents were kind enough to have the kids sleep over on Friday night and originally we were going to get a hotel in SLC but lets face it, I'm too big and pregnant to be any fun this year so we'll save that idea for a later date.  :)  We ended up going to dinner at our favorite place, Dock of The Bay, and then finished up some Christmas shopping.  It was a great evening with my handsome hubby.
Last Saturday it actually snowed enough that the kids got to go out and play in it!  That sounds a little strange for Utah I know but ever since we moved down here by Utah Lake we don't hardly get any snow and what we do get doesn't stay long.  We usually have no snow at our house and can drive 5 minutes to Lindon where my parents live to find that they have 8 inches.  Kinda crazy, but good.  Snow isn't my favorite anyway.  :)
 Yesterday was a busy day.  It was the last day of school for Canyon before Christmas Break and we got to go to his school's Christmas Sing and watch him perform 2 songs his class has been working on.  He did so good and I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of him singing.  The place we decided to sit in the auditorium was the farthest away we could be from him of course.  Next year I'll choose something a little more central.
After his Christmas Sing we got to go to Savanna's preschool Christmas program.  She did great singing also and the big guy even showed up so all of the kids got to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.
Last but not least, We got a new little cousin yesterday too!  Scott's sister, Alyssa gave birth to a cute little guy yesterday evening and we got to go to the hospital to visit.  The kids loved him and are now even more excited that we get a baby of our very own in the next few weeks.  AS AM I.  Please come soon little lady!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Recap of the last month

We've been so busy around here!  I can't believe how much stuff goes on once your child is finally in school and we're just in kindergarten.  We've already had 2 fundraisers and 2 pajama days and so much more.  There is something new every week.  Wednesdays seem the busiest because I help to change out the books for the 3 kindergarten classes at the school and then Canyon has Soccer Club in the afternoon back at the school.  I'm very grateful that he gets to ride the bus because not only does he love it but then I don't have to run him back and forth everyday.  Savanna is in Preschool 2 days a week and loving it.  She gets so excited to go everyday and is really a little smarty pants.  She's been practicing writing her name and her letters and is doing so well.  I really like her preschool and am glad I decided to let her go this year.
As of tomorrow I will be 29 weeks pregnant and it's not going very fast...  I'm no longer sick which is awesome!  But I have been having my usual back pain and kidney issues which isn't fun either.  We are struggling with agreeing on a name this time but hopefully one will just come to us and fit perfectly.  :)

 Savanna on her first day of preschool.  She looks mad but that's just because of the sun.  

 Canyon at the school Jump-a-thon.  He did great.  :)

Canyon has a stalker...  ok maybe not so extreme but he did get his first love note, phone number and address from the same girl all in the same week.

 Savanna decided this is what she wants for Christmas when we were at the grand opening of Scheels a few weeks ago...

The kiddos when we were at the hospital for my rhogam shot last week.  Canyon was dressed in Scrubs for career day that day so the nurse was nice enough to give them "accessories" so they could look like real doctors.