Monday, October 29, 2012

Recap of the last month

We've been so busy around here!  I can't believe how much stuff goes on once your child is finally in school and we're just in kindergarten.  We've already had 2 fundraisers and 2 pajama days and so much more.  There is something new every week.  Wednesdays seem the busiest because I help to change out the books for the 3 kindergarten classes at the school and then Canyon has Soccer Club in the afternoon back at the school.  I'm very grateful that he gets to ride the bus because not only does he love it but then I don't have to run him back and forth everyday.  Savanna is in Preschool 2 days a week and loving it.  She gets so excited to go everyday and is really a little smarty pants.  She's been practicing writing her name and her letters and is doing so well.  I really like her preschool and am glad I decided to let her go this year.
As of tomorrow I will be 29 weeks pregnant and it's not going very fast...  I'm no longer sick which is awesome!  But I have been having my usual back pain and kidney issues which isn't fun either.  We are struggling with agreeing on a name this time but hopefully one will just come to us and fit perfectly.  :)

 Savanna on her first day of preschool.  She looks mad but that's just because of the sun.  

 Canyon at the school Jump-a-thon.  He did great.  :)

Canyon has a stalker...  ok maybe not so extreme but he did get his first love note, phone number and address from the same girl all in the same week.

 Savanna decided this is what she wants for Christmas when we were at the grand opening of Scheels a few weeks ago...

The kiddos when we were at the hospital for my rhogam shot last week.  Canyon was dressed in Scrubs for career day that day so the nurse was nice enough to give them "accessories" so they could look like real doctors.