Sunday, November 22, 2009

Potty Trained!!!

So I know that Canyon will probaby die someday when he gets older and find this picture but... I'm posting it anyway! :)
Last Sunday we started REALLY working with Canyon on going on the potty and I'm proud to say that this week he did so good and only had one accident after his nap. We are sooooo proud of him and sooooo grateful we don't have to buy diapers for 2 kids anymore! Yay!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween & Cornbelly's - better late than never!

Ok, so I know I'm a little late with this post but that's ok! I couldn't find the cord to connect my camera to the computer for a couple weeks and Savanna found it for me in my shoe closet. Thanks baby! :)
This year after changing his mind MANY times, Canyon finally decided to be a pirate for Halloween and he was so cute! He ran around the last couple weeks yelling "AAAARRRGHH MATEYS!!" Then Grandpa taught him to say "Shiver me timbers" and everyone almost died laughing whenever he yelled it at him. What a funny boy I have. :)
Savanna was a chicken for Halloween and that was deciced a long long time ago. For those of you who don't know, Savanna goes by chicken at our house. Its kind of a long story but thanks to her brother Canyon... and her dad. She has been known as "Chicken Baby" since she was in my tummy. We figured it was only fitting for her to be a chicken on her first Halloween. And look how cute she was!

The Saturday before Halloween Uncle Bryce and I took the kids to Cornbelly's. Canyon had a blast and Savanna was just happy to be out as usual. Canyon was of course terrified of the giant lizard haunted house thing but who isn't? He loved the bouncy thing and the corn maze.

Savanna being her chubby cheerful self! :)

Canyon's best smile!

Uncle Bryce and Savanna.

Byce & Canyon bouncing.

My favorite - Canyon body slamming some random little kid and I got it on camera. :)

Canyon playing at the ducky races.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Scotters!!

Yesterday was Scott's birthday and he turned 25! Wow, its crazy how old that sounds! :) And I am going to be 25 in March. We didn't really do anything too exciting but on Friday night we are planning on going to dinner at the new Texas Roadhouse that just opened in Lehi. We had Scott's favorite cake, german chocolate, and ice cream at my mom's in the evening and Scott blew out his candles with Canyons help.
We love Scott so so much and he sacrifies SOOOOO much for his family. This year Scott sold his beloved shotgun and at one point he even had 3 jobs to help us get through tough times. He is such a hard worker and we love him sooooo much. Thanks for being so wonderful and for being such a great dad to Canyon & Savanna. Happy birthday and we love you!