Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding, Halloween, Deer Hunt and Happy Birthday!

Well what a busy couple of weeks we've had! My little sister Nicole got married on October 28th in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and it was a perfect day. She looked beautiful and happy and everyting went really well. I headed up operations over the baking of 600 cupcakes which was A LOT bigger project than I thought it would be but it's over now and I'm glad. :) Nikki and Alex got home from their honeymoon in Mexico yesterday and we went over and watched them open their gifts last night. I didn't get any pictures of the happy couple on the big day but I of course did get pictures of my own cute kids. :)

Canyon and Savanna at the Wedding Reception

Canyon and Savanna on the dance floor. :)

Monday was Halloween and the kids spent the day in their costumes of course, Canyon as the Black Spiderman and Savanna as Tinkerbell. We went trick or treating down main street to all the businesses in American Fork and then we came home and went to a few houses in our neighborhood. Scott didn't make it home from work until about 7:30 so we went to his parent and my parents with out him and then he met us at Grandma Joan's later where we ended the night. They had an awesome day and got tons of candy.

The deer hunt just ended and Scott got this 2 point on the last day of the hunt. He was happy about it and Canyon enjoyed watching the boys hang the deer in Grandpa's shop and then helped him skin it a couple days later. It's now at the butcher being turned into steaks, roasts and jerkey... Not really sure if I'm excited about having all of this meat or not. I have never tried deer meat and I don't really want to. I'll have to find some good flavorful recipes I guess. :(

And last but certainly not least... My wonderful husband turned 27 on Nov. 3rd. We went to cafe rio for dinner where Jason, Sasha and Hunter met us as a surprise and then came back to the house for some Heath Bar Cake. It was a great night!

We love Scott so so so so much and are so happy to have him as a husband and a dad. He's such a great father and husband and works so hard for our family. We love you babe!