Sunday, June 20, 2010

We LOVE Daddy.

Scott may have become a father much faster than either of us wanted him to, but that's ok because he's great at it! Canyon wants to be just like him and can't wait until he's big enough to go on fishing and hunting trips with his daddy. He is learning the names of all the fish and ducks and he loves it when daddy shows him his fishing stuff. Savanna adores him and gets so excited when he comes home from work. Dada was her first word and she always cries out for him when she is sad. She is definitley a daddy's girl.

Happy Fathers Day babe! The kids and I love you soooooo much!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rosette Headband Tutorial

Hey everyone! This is my first "how-to" or tutorial so bear with me! I have had a lot of compliments and interest in some of the headbands I've been making lately so I decided to post a tutorial to show how I made them! Headbands are so cute and so popular right now and they look great if you are wearing your hair up or down.

First, I would like to start off with a warning. This will not be my mom's kind of instructional guide. :) There are no rules, no rights or wrongs I am more of a go with the flow follow the picture type of person rather than a follow instructions word for word so just a heads up. :)
Also, these pics were all taken with my cell phone and are definitely NOT the greatest, sorry!

Ok, so first I used cotton for this but I'm sure you could use any type of fabric you would like. I got this from the fabric store this afternoon and left it folded in half the way I got it. It doesn't really matter how long it is, just play with it and decide how long you need it to be depending on the size of rosette you would like to make.

I start by cutting a straight line about 2 -3 inches thick all the way down the fabric until I have a strip of fabric to work with.
Next, I tie a knot in the center of the strip of fabric. Don't worry if its not the exact center, it's not important.

Next take one of the ends and start twisting the fabric. Then twist the other side as well.

After that start twisting the two sides together a little at a time.
When you've twisted a few inches together at the top, take your glue gun and tab glue towards the bottom side of your rosette and start wrapping the fabric around the knot.
Keep doing this and glue every couple inches.

After your fabric has been completely twisted, rolled and glued together, this is what it should look like. :)

Now, you can do whatever you would like with your rosette. You can add it as an embelishment to a shirt or a purse or anything you would like too. Or... you can keep on reading and I will tell you how to turn it into a headband!
After you have made your big rosette, make another just a little smaller than the first.

I do not make the elastic headband. I buy them at Walmart. :) You can buy a pack of I think 8 headbands for $2.50. They also have different colors that you can buy as well.
The next step is to attach the headband to the rosettes. First, I glue the sides of the rosettes together so they are attached. Then, I make a line with glue across the back of the rosettes and press the headband to the line of glue.

This last step you don't have to do but I like to so that the back of the rosettes look prettier. I cut two circles out of the fabric I used to make the rosettes, approximately the same size as the rosettes and then glu those on the back of the headbands.

And....... VOILA! You have a very cute, very trendy Fabric Rosette Stretchy Headband!

Be sure and let me know if any of you end of trying this!! I would love to hear how your headbands turn out!
Tune in next time and I will show you how to make a felt poppy hair clip!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tomorrow I will...

Start my slim-fast diet again (I just gotta keep at it!)
Box up my kiddos clothes that they have outgrown
Finish my very first "how to" tutorial that I've been working on (and hopefully post it as well!)
Cook a yummy dinner for my little fam
Have a GREAT attitude at work all day long even though its a Monday (definitely not easy)

What will you do??

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Finally!!

We spent Saturday playing outside. And we loved every second of it!