Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

This weekend my mom and I made two fun things for Savanna's birthday parties this week. On Friday night we made a tutu, which turned out to be soooo incredibly easy! It was fun workin on it with my mom; she cut all the strips of tulle for me and I tied them onto the waistband. We tried it on Savanna when we were all done and of course she just got mad at it because it keeps getting in her way. Oh well, she can wear it for a few pics, right? :)
On Saturday we went to Target and bought a package of white onsies and we made a cute cupcak onesie for her to wear at her parties with her tutu! It was pretty easy too and so fun to make. I am definitley planning on doing more iron-on appliques in the near future!Check out our finished products! :)


Kyle said...

sooo cute! I've been wanting to do some applique onsies! the cupcake turned out so cute!

Mary Ann said...

oh how cute! yes, i remember when we were due at the same time and noah decided he was not waiting any more!! how is life with two kids? your family is adorable :) hope everything is going well

The Wrights said...

I love it! Your so creative. I bet you had a blast playing Bingo on your cruise?! We play Bingo in Mesquite. It's so much fun! If you guys are every down this way let us know.. We would love to play with you!