Friday, April 24, 2009

My "taste" of being a stay at home mom

Well, my stay at home mom days are ending soon and I'm really sad to see them go! I am going back to work on Monday, May 4th so I only have one week left. I've had so much fun being able to stay with my kids and play outside everyday. Its been great! Aside from being able to be with my kids, I've been able to get things done around the house! Its been so great to have time to cook dinner for my family most nights and desserts for my husband, such as these lovely oreos we made last night. :)

I've also been able to do laundry, clean out our closets, clean my house, pick up after Canyon when he goes down for naps, and clean out my car!
I still have one week left at home, which I plan to thoroughly enjoy, I'm just not sure how I'm going to get anything done when I go back to work. Hopefully life won't get too stressful! Wish me luck and pray Scott will get through school soon enough and I can make being a stay at home mom permanent!


Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

lol sometimes I wish I could just have a kid so that I could be a stay at home mom too : ) im glad that you have enjoyed it. I bet your kids have loved it too. And wow do those cookies look delicious! how do you make them? its stressful to work full time and then go home and make dinner, I cant imagine doing it with two little ones. I am so happy for you guys! love your fam!

Jamie said...

How are you doing all these things with a brand new baby? You're my hero. Being a S.A.H. mom is something that is far too easy to take advantage of. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy my "job" more!!

JR said...

Those cookies look really yummy. Could I get the recipe? Your kids are so cute, by the way. :)

Allison Robinson