Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lovin it :)

It's been wonderful so far. Waking up when I want to... well when my kids do but still, no alarm clock. :) Reading a book for the first time in 4 years, spending our days at the Highland splash park and working on my projects. I love it!
My sister was in town last week and went with all of us to Idaho for a family reunion. We had a blast!
Canyon has had 3 soccer games and while the first 2 were a little rough to watch this last one was so much better! He has another one tonight and he's actually excited to go and to "make 16 kicks". That's his goal.
I signed up for the Battlecreek Boutique again and it's in mid October. I'm excited to introduce some new things I've been working on and to actually have time to really get ready for it.
Canyon starts preschool a week from today and we're getting really excited. We have most of his school clothes bought alon with his backpack so he's ready to go. We get to go to back to school night on Thursday. I really can't believe that he is going to be in Kindergarten next year, its crazy how fast time has flown by!

All the cousins eating lunch.

Canyon & Savanna at the Highland Splash Park

Savanna and Canyon at the City of Rocks in Idaho

Savanna being a little artist :)

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