Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday was my first "stay at home mom" day. I don't know if it was becuse I have a giant "to do" list in my phone that is 3 scrolls long or if it was the sense of freedom I was experiencing but... I deep cleaned my room, Canyon's room, Savanna's room, the kitchen and the car. I also tried a new recipe for dinner which turned out to be fabulous and completed two craft projects on my list. It was so awesome!!! Today I am feeling a bit lazier and I'm looking at today's "to-do's" and wondering if I will make it through half of the list. We will see I guess. But I am happy and content and excited to be home. :)

This is my summer wreath that I've been wanting to get to for months and now here we are in the middle of August and I finally got to it! It turned out pretty good though and I'm very happy with it.
Materials: Styrofoam Wreath, Jute Hemp, Felt Flowers

This I've had designed forever and even had the glass and frame bought but finally got the vinyl cut for it yesterday and hung up.

Materials: Frame, Glass, Vinyl

Do you think this would sell? I made one for my mom too and she has 9 people in her family so I know how to customize it per number of people. What do you think?


Kyle-Michelle-Kaylie said...

the family picture at the top is adorable!
and so is that wreath!- its looks alot what i have had in mind, wanting to make, for a long time too!

I hope you are enjoying being a SAHM!

Cottam Family said...

Alicia I love the family picture! It would for sure sell down here how much were you thinking of selling them?

Alicia said...

I'm thinking I'll just sell the vinyl for $15 for the size I did for mine.