Monday, July 20, 2009

Island Park 2009

Lots of pictures...

We got to go to Island Park, Idaho for a long weekend trip and it was so much fun! My mom's family is from Idaho and most of them live there still so we all got together and stayed the weekend at a cabin up there. It was so great to be there and have a break from everything!

The first day we were there we floated the river and Scott fished out of the canoe of course.

Later that evening they all went fishing and caught tons of fish!

Savanna relaxed at the cabin for most of the trip :)

Canyon and I went to a little area called "Mack's Inn" and got shaved ice. YUM!!

We went to Yellowstone one of the days and of course we left our stroller at the cabin. This picture shows our wonderful helpers packing our kids around. :)

Scott, Canyon & Bryce feeding the fish and the seagull's.

Canyon chasing the seagull's.


melissa marie said...

How fun! We have never been up there, looks kind of like Yellowstone. I can't believe how beautiful Savanna is getting.

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

That looks like a ton of fun alicia!!!! Im happy that you guys got to get away and I love your family. I miss seeing you! Want to get together? I know its hard with the kiddies, heck ill come over and play with them :-)