Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Friday morning we took Canyon and Savanna to the balloon festival.

Canyon loved it, until they lit the fire in the balloons. Then he cried. :)

Friday was also Shelly's Birthday! Happy 17th birthday Shelly!

My mom & I took her to Primrose Retreat and we all got glitter toes!

On the 4th we had a tailgate party outside the stadium with our friends and then watche the stadium fireworks. Canyon ate lots of chips. :)

It was a fabulous 4th!!


Natalie said...

I just realized that since your blog is invite only I don't get the updates on by dashboard. I have been wondering what you guys were up to. I am glad I checked. Love you!

Kyle & Michelle said...

i love the new picture on the top of your blog everyone looks so cute!

melissa marie said...

What a fun weekend! I wanted to go watch the hot air balloons, but we didn't end up going.

Tyler + Lauren Clyde said...

Cute babies ;o) Your daughter is growing big... Can't wait for mine to get bigger. Did you notice from my pics that our daughters have the same outfit, the one from Costco with the ice cream cone? Gotta LOVE Costco and all their way inexpensive clothes!

Preston had dark hair as a baby as well. I swear I'm not cheating on my husband ;) It's totally weird that my kids come out with brown hair. We're left scratching our heads on that one b/c Ty was blonde and I was strawberry blonde. But as you can see, Preston's hair turned white and Caroline's got about an inch of re-growth that's coming in blonde. So she'll look like she belongs to us eventually ;o)