Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Busy

Life is busy as ever at the Facer residence. We've been busy the last few weeks with showers and weddings and receptions and birthdays and holidays and everything in between. :) Canyon has been busy with preschool and itty bitty ball. This month he's learning how to play soccer and football and doing very well at both. Savanna is loving dance class and spend her afternoons trying on every dress in her closet twice. Yesterday she was so lucky because Aunt Alyssa let her model some Rapunzel dresses for their online business and it was the best day ever. :) She will be turning 3 in a week and is so excited because she is having a Rapunzel party. I have been super busy with my Etsy shop this month, which is awesome and I hope it doesn't slow down. I celebrated my 27th birthday with my kiddos last week and although Scott was away it was still a wonderful day and my family made sure it was special. Nikki came over in the afternoon with a bouquet of flowers and cupcakes from none other than my fav place dippidee! Love my sister. :) After we had cupcakes we walked to the park and played for a while. For dinner the kids and I went to Cafe Rio because Thursdays at Cafe Rio are the best because that's the only day you can get pork tamales! My In-laws gave me a gift card there for my birthday too which made it even better. Scott has been busy driving driving and driving some more up in North Dakota. This is a great blessing because the first trip up there he wasn't as busy as we had hoped he'd be but this time around it's been much better. He will be heading home tomorrow hopefully and we'll get to see him on Wednesday. Another bit of exciting news is that Scott's younger brother Brigham gets home from his mission on Wednesday! We're so excited to have him home again and we get to go see him at the airport. :)

Itty Bitty Football :)

Shelly's getting married! Here she is at her bridal shower. :)

Savanna LOVING being a model for Aunt Alyssa and getting to dress up like Rapunzel

Enjoying one of our favorite evening activities. Taking a walk around the block.

Savanna with the biggest puppy ever that we found at Victoria's Secret on Saturday.

Savanna eating her quesadilla at Cafe Rio on my birthday

Canyon being a good sport at Cafe Rio on by birthday even though he was sick. :(

Celebrating my 27th Birthday at Grandma's house

Cinnamon toast crunch with green milk for St. Patrick's Day breakfast!!! :)

The kids and I sporting our green in honor of St. Patrick's Day

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