Monday, February 20, 2012

So Mad (Bathroom Makeover)

I found this link to these super cute bathroom art printables on pinterest that were the perfect colors to match the rugs and shower curtain I already had and wanted to get going making over my kids bathroom asap. I went to the thrift store and bought four old frames and brought them home on Saturday. I proceeded to paint them to match the prints and the lime green I already had throughout the bathroom. Today I put the prints in the frames and while assembling the last one I broke the glass trying to force it into the frame. :( I still wanted to hang it up since the others were already on the wall so it looks like I will just be buying some replacement glass soon for that one. It still turned out cute but had to happen of course.
Here is the link to the blog I got the free printables from. She has tons of cute ones on there!

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Natalie said...

sooo cute! we are going to have matching bathroom art!