Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Heart Pinterest

Wow, pinterest rocks. Has everyone been having as much fun on pinterest over the last couple of months as I have? It was awesome this month while I was planning a bridal shower for my sister. I got most of my ideas and inspiration on there. Here are a few of my favorite pinterest finds that I've actually tried. :)

I learned how to make these super cute pom balls from this website and they were super easy to make and really cute at my sisters bridal shower.

OH MY GOODNESS... these Ham and Cheese Sliders are soooo good! We served these at the bridal shower and they are wonderul. :) You have to try them. The saue that goes over the top makes them awesome.

I made this Broccoli Soup on Monday night. Scott worked late so the kids and I ate first. We ate all of it. I actually had to make another batch of soup so that Scott would have some when he got home. It's so good!

I made this cake last sunday because I was craving cinnamon rolls but didn't want to put in all the work. It turned out super good and was a big hit with everyone. AND I found a good food blog along with it. BONUS! :)

A couple weeks ago I was feeling ambitious and decided to attempt baking something I've never baked before. Rolls. It was my first time baking rolls and they turned out awesome! They are not texas roadhouse like the recipe says but still really good. :)

I found this super cute idea for a Bat Tree for Halloween decorating. Here is my version of what I found. I gathered some dead sticks across the street from my house and spray painted them black. I then put them in a vase and put ribbon around it. I found some plastic bats at target and hung them from the sticks with fishing line. I love how it turned out!

I go through clorox wipes like they're going out of style. On Pinterest I found this idea to convert my emply clorox wipes bottle into a grocery bag holder. I just tore the label off, washed it in the dishwasher and put scrap book paper on it. Ta-da!

I found this cute idea on Pinterest to do leaf pictures with the kids. They had so much fun!

One of my favorites... I saw this on Pinterest and had to make some of my own. They turned out so cute and the kids actually enjoy doing chores so the can move their "to-do's" to "done". Awesome!

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Natalie said...

WOW!! so cute. Way to go Alicia. I am starting to feel really lazy now. You have done so much!