Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy Busy Week

Last week was such a crazy busy week! It all started on Monday when I got laid off from my job where I've been for 4 years! Its ok though, I kind of knew it was coming because of how slow its been with this economy. They had to let 3 of us go and now there are only 4 people left at ORT. When I started in 2006 there were 15. This economy is so crazy! Anyway, so I am enjoying staying home with the kiddos right now but still keeping my open because I really need to be working to help take care of our little family. So, if anyone knows of any good jobs out there... keep me in mind! :)

My sister Natalie and her cute little kids came into town on Monday as well so all though I was sad about losing my job I was actually kind of happy because I got to spend the week with my sister and my mom and go do fun things every day!

Tuesday we packed up the kids and wend to the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake. It was so fun and so busy because of Spring Break. The kids loved it though. They had fun petting the Manta Rays and seeing the sharks. They have a new addition to the aquarium this year with lots of new animals and they even had penguins! They were awesome!

On Wednesday we took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo and it was fun too! Canyon was running all over that place and he told me that he never wanted to leave. Savanna thought she was as big as everyone else as usual and she had fun going up and down the big slides with Uncle Bryce.

On Thursday we went to Bonneville Park and had a picnic. It was a really nice day outside and the kids had fun playing in the sunshine.

Friday morning we all left to Idaho to see Nikki gradudate from the nursing program. Scott wasn't able to come up with us because of work so Canyon and Savanna and I got to ride up with my parents which was nice. We went to Nikki's Nursing Graduation on Friday night and then to dinner at chuck a rama later. My poor kiddos have been sick for almost 2 weeks now and Mr. Canyon of course had a fever the whole time we were at dinner and wouldn't eat anything. He went right to sleep when we got back to the hotel and felt a lot better the next day.

Saturday morning we went to Nikki's BYU-I graduation where she got to walk and get her diploma. The kids were a little restless through the beginning of it but luckily both fell asleed halfway through. After graduation we went back to Nikki's apartment and packed up her things to move her home. The kids did pretty good on the drive home and were happy to see there daddy!

Sunday we had a family dinner at my Grandma's since my sister and her family were in town and we had a birthday cake for Canyon since everyone was together. I told him it was a practice for Saturday and he was fine with that of course!
And that concludes our Crazy Busy Week!!

Me, Canyon, Savanna & William at the Aquarium

Savanna & Katelyn at Kangaroo Zoo

Canyon after he caught the dead fish out of the pond...

Me, Scott & Savanna at the park

The whole family together for a picture

Canyon with his lion puzzle at Nikki's apartment

Canyon eating his practice Birthday cake :)

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