Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sticky Notes

A couple weeks ago we got two new employees at work and its been so great having them there! Such a needed breath of fresh air! One of the new employees, Scott, is quited the practical joke player and for some reason he has chosen me as the target for all of them. One day he rubber banded everything on my desk together. Another day he cut my straw in half on my fountain drink and then replace it so it looked normal. When I went to have a drink my drink felt full but my straw wasn't long enough to get anything. Nice.
This is what I did to him to get him back. 127 sticky notes. Now I think we are even but we will see! :)


Natalie said...

Do you watch The Office? They have got AWESOME office jokes. i.e. stapler in a jello mold, fax from the future, ect. He has got some good ones I have to admit though.

Jamie said...

That's hilarious! I'll have to remember the straw trick.
I think there needs to be a practical joker at every office. Gotta keep life interesting, right?

sameyer said...

Oh man that's awesome. I don't know if they still do, but Papa Johns used to give out free refrigerator magnets. A friend of mine got HUNDREDS of them once and covered my car from bumper to bumper! Hilarious and free. :)

Grayscale said...

This is so nice. I like family life. Absolutely like it.