Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year except for Canyon getting sick the night before! He was still a pretty good sport though, even for not feeling very well. The weather helped to make our day a little less hectic. It wasn't so full of appointments like usual with the bad weather and people not wanting to travel. We woke up just before 9:00 and Canyon opened his presents after some coaxing. He didn't really care about the presents when he saw his baseball glove, ball and bat. That's all he wanted. After he opened his presents we went to the Facers for breakfast and to open more presents. After we got through there we came back home and Canyon had a 4 hour nap! He needed it and it was nice to just relax. We went to my parents house later after his nap and then to Kathy's to see the twins. It was 8:30 by that time so we came home and went to bed! It was a wonderful day. I just hope my little boy gets feeling better soon!

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